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Gum Diseases


The most common cause of tooth loss in adults is not caries gums. Gingivitis is the next stage of untreated gum disturbance. It involves the onset and progression of periodontal tissue and loss of alveolar bone. The circular fibers connecting to the female jawbone melt and the pathological gaps between the gum and the tooth are formed. Microbes accumulating in these cavities cause progression of infection, tooth root and alveoli bone destruction and erosion.

During the periodontitis disturbance, redness in the gums may be seen. As the gums are withdrawn, the root parts of the teeth are visible and appear to be prolonged and a very important warning to the dentist urgently. If the periodontitis is not treated, the bone holding the tooth melts, the teeth begin to shake and tooth loss is inevitable.


The first stage of gum disease is inflammation called Gingivitis. There is some flushing and bleeding and odor symptoms. Tartar, plak, dişlerin çapraşıklaşması, çürük gibi olumsuz sonuçlar doğurabilir. The bacterial plaque composed of microbes is seen to weaken the connection between the teeth and gums. Healthy gingiva is pink and firmly adhered to the tooth.

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