In what cases can the implant be made?

It should not be forgotten that we have an organ that not only chews but also affects our appearance and even our personal charisma. Implant can be applied in cases of single tooth deficiency, multiple teeth deficiency and complete toothlessness.
What are the advantages of implant application?

Implant is robust, comfortable and reliable. Prosthetics on implants form the most natural structure when replacing real teeth. In the process of completing the missing teeth, healthy teeth will not be touched. It is of course a very important advantage that our healthy teeth are not cut to make a denture. In addition, implants have a longer life than other prosthetic options.

Patients who have lost their chance of using a fixed prosthesis due to tooth deficiencies or who do not stop their total prostheses in their mouths due to bone resorption will be the first implanted alternative implant therapy.

The prolonged human life, depending on the development of living standards, has made many of us in demand for a certain life comfort in advanced ages. Moving (removable) prostheses are not something that any of us would like again from a young age. At this point, the implants offer us a great treatment alternative.

What are our treatment goals?

• Implantation of all kinds of toothlessness and incomplete functions with implants and implants supported by them.
• Elimination of single tooth defect without touching adjacent solid teeth.
• Elimination of more than one tooth deficiency by using fixed bridges with the help of implants instead of removable dentures.
Can the implant be applied at any age?
• Yeah. Only young people need to complete bone development. This occurs in girls 16-17, in males until 18 years of age.
• There is no upper age limit for adults. General health condition can be applied to people of all ages. Older people need more dental implants because they have lost more teeth and melts in the jaw bones.

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